12FRAMES aka Jan Schönwiesner is an award winning Art Director and Designer at the intersection of design, animation and film. His design sensibilities have been applied to music videos, short films, installations and live visuals for major brands. He has developed and executed Motion Graphics for screens of all sizes for close to two decades.
After studying at the BAUHAUS School of Design and the Cleveland Institute of Art he worked with premium brands like BMW, Rolls Royce, MINI, Bosch and Disney. 
His continued work on international trade shows has led him to places like Tokyo, Geneva, Detroit, Berlin, Paris and Beijing. 
He collaborates with amazing teams on great projects that have garnered industry laurels such as a Cannes Design Lion, Red Dot Design Awards, iF Design Awards and Art Directors Club Awards. 12FRAMES develops projects with a passion for cinematic design and storytelling.

Available for freelance work and awesome projects, remote or on-site.

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Brands I worked with include

CREATIVE & ART DIRECTION MOTION DESIGN, Jan Schönwiesner, 12frames, motion graphicsCREATIVE & ART DIRECTION MOTION DESIGN, Jan Schönwiesner, 12frames, motion graphics

Awards & Screenings

I've been fortunate enough to work with amazing teams on great projects that have garnered industry laurels. 

awards 12framesawards 12frames

Cannes International Advertising Festival 2010, Design Lion: Silver IAA 2009 - BMW

ADC Award 2013: Bronze BMW - The Target (Mutabor/gate.11)

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2013: BMW Detroit Motor Show (Mutabor/gate.11)

Art Directors Club Award 2010, Bronze: IAA 2009 - BMW

MAXON Feature, 2011: Visual Music featured project on homepage

Budapest Architecture Film Days 2011: part of animation program 

Red Dot Design Award, 2013: BMW - The Target (Mutabor/gate.11)

iF Communication Design Award, 2010: IAA 2009 - BMW

Red Dot Communication Design Award, 2010: IAA 2009 - BMW

The Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film, 2010: part of "Animated Architecture"

BUG at the British Film Institute London

Art Directors Club Exhibition: "Festival des halluzinogenen Films"

Unicato Award: Best Music Video

Onedotzero: part of international festival tour "terrain 08/09"

ADC New York, Merit Award: IAA 2009 - BMW

GoEast Filmfestival - Official Selection

MUSEEK Festival Moscow - Official Selection

Art of Film Festival - Official Selection

Kurzsüchtig - Official Selection

Istanbul Short Film Festival - Official Selection

Time Warp Film Award 08

Euroshorts Filmfestival: Best Animation

iF Design Award, 2013: BMW - The Target

Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 2011, Silber: IAA 2009 - BMW

Unicato: short film screenings on German TV

3D Attack Magazin: Feature-Interview

Clermont-Ferrand Festival - Official Selection

Hamburger Architektur Sommer, 2015: part of "Animated Architecture" lecture

Backup Festival - Official Selection

Sehsüchte - Official Selection